About us

At Hadley&Honey, we know how impawtant your pups are to you! Coming from a whole lot of experience loving a little pooch!

I created Hadley&Honey because I always loved buying little accessories for my dog, and I loved seeing the smiles on peoples faces as they walked past in awe at my puppy in a bow tie!
From there, I decided that I wanted other dog owners to feel the same excitement that I did, and I wanted to make the whole experience fun, from ordering your parcel and opening it’s pretty packaging to seeing those same smiles from strangers on the street.

The inspiration

The inspiration for starting Hadley&Honey came from my own pawfect pooch – Hadley!
I got Hadley in January of 2021 after wanting a Miniature Dachshund for just the longest time! He’s so lively and has such a loud personality (and bark), but he is also the most loving pupper ever – he’s my baby. You might be wondering who Honey is? Well she doesn’t exist yet, but she will one day! I once met the most adorable Standard Dachshund named Honey, and I immediately fell in love! Thats when I decided my next sausage dog just HAS to be named Honey! But until then, Hadley is sweet enough to be his own Honey.